Big Water Boat Club Signup

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Step 1 - Member Information


Names of Other Boating Operators

List up to 3 other people that may be driving the boat. Only listed operators can drive boats, they must *Complete boat-ed courses and Big Water Boat Club Training and *Be over 18.

Operator 1
Operator 2
Operator 3

Step 2 - Terms and Conditions

Dues, Payments, & Late Charges:

Member agrees to pay $150 dues per quarter, billed automatically. Applicant authorizes Big Water Boat Club to charge dues to credit card listed above. Initiation Fee and Membership Dues are not refundable and cannot be transferred.

Damage Deposit:

A $500 refundable damage deposit is required at the time of rental for each rental. The damage deposit, less any amount due to Big Water Boat Club and Lighthouse Resort & Marina, will be refunded upon bringing the rental back in the same condition it left the dock.

Canceling Membership:

To avoid any misunderstanding, written notice, signed by the member, is required to cancel your membership.

Membership Termination:

Big Water Boat Club reserves the right to cancel any membership at any time for non-payment of dues or other fees, or for conduct that is, in its opinion, detrimental to the orderly conduct of the club or the happiness and well being of its members and owners.


The applicant hereby absolves Big Water Boat Club and its owners, employees, and affiliated companies of any responsibility or the obligation in the event of an accident regardless of the consequences. Big Water Boat Club and its owners, employees, and affiliated companies shall not be liable for any personal injuries or property damage sustained by the applicant or his/her guests on their property, or for the condition or use of the boat or its equipment. The applicant agrees to indemnify and hold Big Water Boat Club free and harmless from any loss, injury, or death sustained by the applicant or the applicant's guests while at the property, dock, on board the boat, or engaged in club activities.

BY SIGNING THE APPLICATION I DECLARE THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND the meaning of this document and agree to abide by and observe the terms and conditions contained herein and warrant that the information contained herein is correct. I am fully aware that boating, like other sports, has its inherent dangers and I accept them as part of the sport of boating.

Step 3 - Payment for Initiation Fee

Initiation Fee

After submitting all the required information on this page, you will be taken to a the last step, which is paying your Monthly Dues.